Tours only go ahead if a booking was received online or by phone at least 24 hours before the start of the tour.

If booking for groups of more than 8 people, please contact us by email or call 0857188830. Thank you!

Tours start and finish on time as the tides wait for no-one!


We’ll explore the western beach at Seafield, near Quilty in County Clare.

All fossils here are from the Namurian stage (326.4 to 313.0 million years ago) during the Upper Carboniferous period.

Fossils found at Seafield include:

Extinct plants: lepidodendron, stigmaria, calamites

    Lepidodendron knorria (inner bark of trunk). ©JuttaKruse2019

    Stigmaria (rootlet scars on lycopod 'roots'). ©JuttaKruse2019

    Calamites ('horsetail' stem). ©JuttaKruse2019

    Extinct marine ammonoids: goniatites

    Septarian concretion with goniatites. ©JuttaKruse2019

    Goniatites in shale. ©JuttaKruse2017

Trace fossils of burrowing or resting marine creatures

Trace fossils lockeia in rippled sandstone. ©JuttaKruse2019

Trace fossil rhizocorallium in mudstone. ©JuttaKruse2019

Tour length: 

2 hours. Tours must finish as stated, as they depend on the tides.

We meet: 

In the free public car park for Seafield pier and beaches (called 'Baile An Tsagart' by Google maps)

52°48'33.6"N 9°29'25.3"W Seafield, Baile An Tsagart, Co. Clare

Google maps

Directions from Quilty village to the public car park for Seafield pier and beaches

Good to know:

Please wear appropriate footwear and clothing. We'll walk on sand, rocks, beach boulders and pebbles. Hiking boots are ideal, but trainers or other shoes with good grip are fine. Flip flops are not suitable.

There is (nearly) always a risk of showers, bring a light rain coat. Wear sun protection if required. Our pace will be slow and we'll stop frequently to search for fossils.

There are no facilities and there is no shop at Seafield. Please bring water and a snack as required.

Contact us if you have any questions: email or call 0857188830.

If booking for groups of more than 8 people, please contact us by email or call 0857188830. Thank you!


Please note:

All our fossil tours aim to raise awareness, increase appreciation and encourage conservation of our natural landscapes. In this sense, any fossils and other features we encounter may be photographed, but not collected.

We aim to disturb wildlife as little as possible on our walks. The Seafield fossil tours take place in a Special Areas of Conservation (Carrowmore Point to Spanish Point and Islands SAC) and a Special Protection Area (Mid-Clare Coast SPA). We abide by Irish and European law regarding the Special Areas of Conservation and Protection as well as 'Leave No Trace' principles.